The World’s First Waste Oil Fired Air Conditioner!


Waste / Used Oil Heaters


Price of home heating oil skyrockets
Near record prices and the expectation that bills may rise 16 percent higher than last winter have residents scrambling to obtain price caps and price locks from local oil dealers.

With the price of heating oil hovering near its all-time high, heating bills this winter are expected to be painful!


Waste / Used Oil Air Conditioners

Don’t pay those high and ever increasing energy costs, recycle your waste oil into Low Cost Air Conditioning. Reduce the cost of air conditioning by 50%-75% by burning waste oils on site.

Burn used oils on site to eliminate removal costs and the “forever” associated liability. Can also burn gas or propane as a backup when servicing for constant cooling. OMNI offers more at a competitive price, the best bargain, the obvious choice!


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